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SMAART LE (V9) Perpetual License

SMAART LE (V9) Perpetual License

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Smaart LE is an edition of Smaart’s Real Time Mode interface where the measurement settings for Spectrum and Transfer Function are fixed. LE uses the same measurement configuration process standard to the Smaart v9 platform, including multiple simultaneous Spectrum and Transfer Function engines with available live measurement averaging. Smaart LE contains the core, essential, functionality for day to day frequency response measurements (RTA, Spectrograph, Live IR, Phase, Magnitude, Coherence).

If you are a Smaart user and have never changed the settings from defaults, LE is the ideal version of Smaart for you. LE is also a great choice for Students, people starting on the Smaart platform, and anyone who doesn’t require the advanced SPL mode or IR Mode functions found in Suite.

A Subscription based, 1 Install position License for the same is also available on Rational Acoustics Official Website : Smaart LE (v9) Subscription License for about AED 584/- per year

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